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Aktivität HISTORY

A brief introduction to the paper-based copies of the fanzine that were produced between 1992 and 1998

Before setting up these webpages, Aktivität was originally published as a paper-based fanzine between January 1992 and April 1998. The majority of the articles that are featured in the Archive section of the website are updated versions of those that originally appeared in the pages of the fanzines. Presented here are details of the original publications, for those who either were not aware of the fanzine or only read one or two copies. The fanzine was published in A5 size format. Most of the editions featured full colour photocopied covers with black and white on the inside (except issue 9, which also included colour centre pages). This page shows miniatures of the original cover designs for most of the editions. There were also some limited edition mini-issue 'specials', details of these are at the bottom of the page. Click on any of the cover images to launch a new page listing the contents of that issue.

Aktivitaet issue 1 cover

Aktivität 1
January 1992

Aktivitaet issue 2 cover

Aktivität 2
August 1992

Aktivitaet issue 2 second edition cover

Aktivität 2
Design 2

Aktivitaet issue 3 cover

Aktivität 3
January 1993

Aktivitaet issue 4 cover

Aktivität 4
August 1993

Aktivitaet issue 5 cover

Aktivität 5
December 1993

Aktivitaet issue Retro 1 cover

Aktivität Retro 1
April 1994

Aktivitaet issue 6 cover

Aktivität 6
August 1994

Aktivitaet issue 7 cover

Aktivität 7
September 1995

Aktivitaet issue 8 cover

Aktivität 8
August 1996

Aktivitaet issue 9 cover

Aktivität 9
August 1997

Aktivitaet issue 10 cover

Aktivität 10
April 1998

Aktivität special issues:

Convention Special
A half-length issue produced to coincide with the second annual Kraftwerk convention that was held in Blackpool, England and organised by Paul Wilkinson
February 1993

Trans-Europe Express Collectors Corner Special
September 1993
An extended length collector's corner article that also included some of the promo shots from the period

Elektric Music Special
March 1994
This was written by Paul Wilkinson and recounted stories from his travels on tour with Elektric Music

The Complete Kraftwerker's Guide to Bootleg CDs (so far!)
March 1995 and Revised Edition May 1996
Written by Paul Corner, a detailed round-up of known bootlegs released on CD at that point

Additional notes:

Aktivität Issue 1B
November 1992
Issue 1B was a revised, expanded edition of the original issue 1, with extra pages, better printing quality and additional information added. The front cover design was identical to the original issue but a new back cover graphic was added.

Aktivität 2:
Later copies of Issue 2 were printed with a second cover design - this was due to damage of the original artwork. This second design variant was later modified and used for the Retro One compilation issue.

Aktivität Retro One:
April 1994
This was a compilation issue featuring a selection of articles that had originally appeared in issues 1, 2 and 3, which had all been discontinued. Some of the articles were updated to eliminate inaccuracies/mistakes and include additional info.


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