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Aktivität HISTORY

Aktivität Retro 1 issue - April 1994

The Retro issue was 48 pages long (all black and white), plus colour front and back cover. It was a compilation of articles that originally appeared in issues 1, 2 and 3 and contained the following articles, some of which were updated to eliminate inaccuracies/mistakes and include additional info;

  • 'Collectors Corner - The Robots' - a look at the worldwide releases of the 1978 and 1991 releases of this single, by IC

  • 'What a difference 10 years makes?!' - review and contrast of 1981 and 1991 live shows, by John Shilcock

  • 'The Return of Die Mensch Maschine' - reports and photos from the 1992 UK live shows

  • 'Compilation and On and on and On and On' - an article all about the various compilation albums from the Philips/vertigo era Kraftwerk material, by IC

  • 'On the road with Kraftwerk' - a report on various happenings from the 1991 tours, by Paul Wilkinson

  • 'Tour De France - mixes/remixes/releases' - a beginners guide to the mixes/remixes/edits and various releases of this classic Kraftwerk single, by IC

  • 'Re-Mix?' - speculation about whether there would be a second volume of re-recordings a la 'The Mix'

Aktivität retro 1 issue cover design

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