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Aktivität issue 6 - August 1994

Issue 6 was 48 pages long, black and white, plus colour front and back cover and contained the following articles;

  • 'Activity' - a six-page round up of the latest releases/news etc.

  • 'Television Appearances and Promo Videos' - Part 3, by Paul Wilkinson's including an update to correct innacuracies from Parts 1 and 2

  • 'An interview with Karl Bartos' - from May 1994 by Paul Wilkinson

  • 'Feedback' - readers letters, this time on bootleg activity, fantasy box sets and hairdressers(!)

  • 'Vorsprung durch Technik?' - an article, by Mark Stagg, analysing Kraftwerk's numerous musical hardware purchases over the last year or so that have been reported in the music press

  • 'The 1994 Kraftwerk and Elektric Music Convention' - a review, by B Cassidy

  • 'Virtual Summer 1994' - a report by Paul Wilkinson on Elektric Music's short series of dates in the Scandinavian countries in May 1994

  • 'Kraftwerk Musical Tree' - an illustrated diagram of the numerous Kraftwerk msuical line-ups over the years

  • 'The Mysterious Dominas' - a short article investigating the mystery of the single by Die Dominas that Kraftwerk have long been rumoured to be involved with

  • 'The 1981 Computer World Tour' - a look back at Kraftwerk's most extensive tour

  • 'Pressespiegel - What The Papers Say (German Version)' - in a similar vein to the article in issue 5, this time looking at a selection from the German music press, by Klaus Zäpke

  • 'Forum' - some personal views by B Cassidy on a topic relating to Kraftwerk

  • 'Collectors Corner - France' - a detailed look at Kraftwerk's French releases
Aktivität issue 6 issue cover design

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