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The official Kraftwerk website.

Kraftwerk Facebook
The official Kraftwerk Facebook presence.

Kraftwerk MySpace
The official Kraftwerk MySpace presence.

Kling Klang Konsum Produkt
The official Kraftwerk merchandise website. Music, t-shirts, cycling shirts, mouse mats, skateboards, cyclist bags, etc.

EMI-Electrola website
Kraftwerk's record company in Germany. German language, search for Kraftwerk under 'artists' for up to date info on German releases.

Karl Bartos
Official website for ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos.

Unnoficial Kraftwerk FAQ
First stop for anyone new or unfamiliar with much of Kraftwerk's history; answers many of the staple questions and summarises current activities. Periodically updated.

Antenna - The International Kraftwerk Mailing List
Online discussion list for Kraftwerk related matters.

(Archive of the ) Kraftwerk International Discography
Sadly, work now terminated on updating - easily the most detailed and comprehensive of the various Kraftwerk discographies online; also provides illustrations of many of the picture sleeves designs too. If you collect Kraftwerk rarities this site is an essential.

Twingo's pages
Various pages including an excellent listing of Kraftwerk's known live appearances.

Keep Werking
Excellent fan site from long-time Kraftwerk fan John Shilcock.

Electric Cafe
Online fan forums.

Planet Origo: The synths and gear of Kraftwerk
Excellent fan page with lots of detail about Kraftwerk's equipment over the decades.

  Updated: 15 : 12 : 2012