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Aktivität HISTORY

Aktivität issue 3 - January 1993

Issue 3 was 52 black and white pages plus full colour front and back cover (featuring live photos of Fritz Hilpert and Henning Schmitz) and contained the following articles;

  • 'Live 1975' - A review of the 1975 Manchester Free Trade Hall gig, by Ian Floyd

  • 'The 1975 UK Tour' - A look at the tour schedule of the 1975 UK tour, by Paul Wilkinson

  • 'Collectors Corner Update' - an update on additional releases not covered in the articles from issues 1 and 2

  • 'News From Nowhere' - a news round up, by Paul Wilkinson, Andrew Slegt, Jan Sundstrom

  • 'Round Up' - reviews of the US compilation CD 'The Model' and 'Possessed' by The Balanescu Quartet (which featured various stings-based cover versions of Kraftwerk material), by IC

  • 'Collectors Corner - Germany' - a brief look at some of the rarer collectable German releases, by IC

  • 'Live in Liverpool 1991' - one fans report and observations on one of the 1991 UK tour gigs, by Paul Wilkinson

  • 'A Dream Come True' - one fans report on his tracking down and subsequent meeting with Karl Bartos in Düsseldorf in 1989, by Paul Wilkinson

  • 'Collectors Corner - Showroom Dummies' - a look at the worldwide releases of this single, by IC

  • 'Stop Sellafield' concert, Manchester GMEX 19.6.92' - a review, by Ian Floyd

  • 'We programme the future...' - an article looking to fill in details about numerous Kraftwerk-associates, often listed on album sleeves - by Paul Wilkinson and Andrew Slegt

  • 'Tour De France - mixes/remixes/releases' - a beginners guide to the mixes/remixes/edits and various releases of this classic Kraftwerk single, by IC

  • 'Images' - various live photos from 1991 and 1992

  • Small Ads and Outro (Kraftwerk NME playing card)

Aktivität issue 3 cover design

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