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Aktivität issue 7 - September 1995

Issue 7 was 48 pages long, black and white, plus colour front (featuring an original 1983 West German music magazine advert for the aborted 'Technopop' LP) and back cover (featuring a John Shilcock live photo from Norwich UEA concert 1992) and contained the following articles;

  • 'Activity' - six pages of the latest Kraftwerk-related news

  • 'The K-Files - The Truth is Out There' - an article looking at some of the Kraftwerk mysteries such as the aborted 'Technopop' LP, cancelled tours etc.

  • 'From the Robots to a Human' - Interview with Wolfgang Fluer by The Prof, extracts of which previously appeared in 'The Mix' magazine

  • 'The Emil Schult interview' - interview with the long-time Kraftwerk and Elektric Music/Wolfgang Flür associate, by Paul Wilkinson, September 1994

  • 'Kinetik' - News on the band Kinetik, by The Prof

  • 'How to make your own Kraftwerk-style LED tie' by Mark Monckton

  • 'Collectors Corner - Spain' - a look at the various Spanish Kraftwerk releases and discography

  • 'The Price Of A Passion' - some topical views on collecting Kraftwerk records

  • 'The Artwerk of Kraftwerk' - some info on some of the more easy to spot influences on Kraftwerk's cover art

  • 'Bits' - Info on the 'Kohoutek-Kometenmelodie single from 1973 and the 1991 'All In a Day's Werk' various artists tribute release

  • '20 Years On The Autobahn' - the 'Autobahn' album and some of its worldwide collectable single and album releases under the spotlight

  • 'Live Tapes - The Autobahn Years' - an article reviewing the content and what you could expect from earlier period Kraftwerk shows

  • 'Radio Interviews 1975-1981' by Paul Wilkonson

  • 'Collectors Corner Update' - a lot more additional info to add to issue 6's French releases article

  • Small Ads and Outro (Ralf Hütter meets YMO picture)
Aktivität issue 7 issue cover design

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