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Reviews of Kraftwerk related records from past issues of Aktivität.

'Kraftwerk: From Düsseldorf to the Future (With Love)'
A short review of Tim Barr's 1998 biography on Kraftwerk

'Concert Classics'
Archive concert recording from 1975

'Ralf and Florian'
An appraisal of 1973's Kraftwerk album (From Aktivität 5)

New Kraftwerk Gear?
The Doepfer A-100 Modular System (from Aktivität 8, August 1996)
The Hall of Mirrors Kraftwerk tributes/cover versions ever multiplying...
Appraisal of The Elecktroids and Komputer 'tribute' releases (from Aktivität 8, August 1996)
NEU! 4
Review of the Japanese released NEU! 4 compact disc (from Aktivität 8, August 1996)

Yamo - 'Time Pie'
Review of the Wolfgang Flür solo project (from Aktivität 9, September 1997)

Trancewerk Express Volume 2
Review of the various artists Kraftwerk tribute album from Cleopatra records (from Aktivität 9, September 1997)

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