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Important - Aktivität is an unofficial fanzine and therefore has no connection with Kraftwerk and their current members.

Kraftwerk live image - song: Autobahn

Aktivität was an unofficial paper-based Kraftwerk fanzine published during the 1990s, with 10 regular issues and a small number of one-off special issues appearing at irregular intervals. The fanzine was not an official Kraftwerk product and should not be mistaken as such; instead, see it is a fanzine written by fans for fans. Therefore, there was no direct contact with Kraftwerk at all. Similarly, these pages have no connection with Kraftwerk and any of their current members. Nevertheless, the information strives to be as accurate as possible given these circumstances.

This web site presents a selection of some of the articles that appeared in the fanzine, though they have since been updated and enhanced, in order to correct mistakes or include additional data that became available following publication. The web site will not be acting as an outlet for current news on Kraftwerk's activities, it is merely here as a resource for those who are interested in Kraftwerk for historical reasons.

Aktivität - it's in the air, for you and me...


Articles from previous issues of Aktivität fanzine as well as newer additions. Split into five sections: General, Live, Interview, Reviews, Discographical


Links to other Kraftwerk websites from around the web, both official and unofficial fan sites


Current news on Kraftwerk releases/activities can be accessed from the official Kraftwerk website


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