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Electric Cafe - Edicion Espanola


'Electric Cafe - Edicion Espanola' presents some information on the unique Spanish edition of Kraftwerk's 1986 album, by Jose Garcia
From Aktivität 4 - August 1993

I've been asked by several people about this Kraftwerk album, so I thought I could write a small article with info on this. In Spain, for several weeks after the release of the 'Electric Cafe' album, which was the usual version in English (with bits in Spanish, French and German), a rather odd release could be found in some stores in Barcelona: 'Electric Cafe - Edicion Espanola' (EMI, 074 24 0688 1)

It was released in a gatefold sleeve and with an inner sleeve, like the usual English version. The only difference is that under the title 'Electric Cafe' on the front of the sleeve, there's the added title 'Edicion Espanola', in LCD calculator style lettering.

The common version in English was also released on EMI, LP cat. no. 074 24 0644 1, as well as on cassette. A promo version of the English language version does exist. It might also exist for the 'Edicion Espanola' version.

The 'Edicion Espanola' version was only available for a short period of time. It was a very limited pressing, as it wasn't a success in the Spanish charts! As far as I know it was only released in Spain and, to give you an idea of its rarity, a lot of Kraftwerk fans in Spain don't even know about its existence! Could have been released in other Spanish-speaking countries though, such as those in South America. The interest of this LP is its otherwise unobtainable version of 'Sex Object', which is sung in Spanish. The title of the song on the record label and back cover is not 'Objeto Sexual' as you would expect though. It has the same title as the English version, 'Sex Object'. It also features a slightly different version of 'Technopop', in which the verse sung by the human voice is always in Spanish.

The 'Edicion Espanola' version was also released on cassette, cat. no. 274 2406884.

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