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Kling Klang: The Electronic Garden - continued

A speculative diagram of the 1992 version of the Kling Klang live touring set, by IC
From Aktivität 10 - April 1998

Kling Klang studio, 1992 configuration

Represented above is a diagram of the 1992 version of the Kling Klang set, as on display at the bands concerts in Norwich and Leicester. I've recreated this from close-up photographs of the stage set that I took at the time. The equipment above is as far as my limited technical knowledge goes - obviously those items of equipment with a (?) beside them are ones where I'm a little uncertain as to the identification. So, it is somewhat incomplete - but it's a start anyway and I hope this is of some interest for those fans into the equipment side of Kraftwerk.

You can click on the image for a larger resolution version.

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